VISUAL MANTRAS | Original Symbolic & Spiritual Art Forms | By MISHKA

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Hebrew Kanji-  Words, a meaning derived from a combination of letters that trace back to ancient pictograms.
Hebrew Kanji was inspired by Chinese calligraphy and created in the spirit of ancient pictograms, which constituted the beginning of language and spelling


Totem Art-  A variety of animals and elements, characteristics and qualities, whose combination create a new, wholesome being and give the world a special frequency. 

About Mishka

Maya Shafir Aloni - Totem-Ism & Hebrew Kanji is my original & personal artistic medium which I have been developing in the last 10 years. This shop is a channel for spreading visual strengthening blessings and intentions. I have been working in the field of visual design for over 15 years helping teams communicate their products and reach their market more effectively with a rich, diverse & constantly updated design tool box