VISUAL MANTRAS | Original Symbolic & Spiritual Art Forms | By MISHKA

About Mishka

Maya Shafir Aloni - Totem-Ism & Hebrew Kanji is my original & personal artistic medium which I have been developing in the last 10 years. This shop is a channel for spreading visual strengthening blessings and intentions. I have been working in the field of visual design for over 15 years helping teams communicate their products and reach their market more effectively with a rich, diverse & constantly updated design tool box. As part of this journey I have been managing projects and visual content in the fields of design and innovation at leading educational institutes . Parallel to my design skills & services I am teaching and mentoring design courses and hands-on workshops for over 13 years at leading design academic institutes. I am always happy to meet new people, study new products and join the ride bringing in my experience, design tools and perspective