VISUAL MANTRAS | Original Symbolic & Spiritual Art Forms | By MISHKA

TOTEMS - Symbolic Animal Art Prints - Black Yellow

Black/Yellow Totem art edition.  Spiritual Visual Shields for Home Decor & Wall Decor.

Perfect as a unique and original special present which enfolds strong intention and frequency!

An original animal totem art piece to be placed as an energetic-artistic blessing and amulet which enriches any interior.  

Totem Art-  A variety of animals and elements, characteristics and qualities, whose combination create a new, wholesome being and give the world a special frequency. 
The totems are a series of personal works that were born out of the excitement and celebration of the union of a couple in marriage and parenthood. Each picture is a union between two or an expansion and birth of a child. In due course the totems appraised and emphasized the qualities and characteristics of the seasons and cyclicality of time. The art is based upon hand drawings and repeated digital processing. Each print has a rich history of dozens of drafts and sketches behind it.

Print size, when ordered with passe-partout: 30cm/30cm.

The black/yellow collection is high quality printed with two color nets of black and yellow. The print includes exclusive African walnut veneer passe-partout with golden hanger attached, ready to hang or frame.


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