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"Emotion" blessing print- Original Typographic Hebrew Symbol. Mascot, Wall Decor. Visual Mantra.


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Blessing Word art of : Emotion "Re-Gesh" - ר ג ש 

Original typographic art print , Home Wall Decor Mascot

Perfect as a present for special life events  such as weddings, birthdays, new years, new beginnings, holidays ext. which enfolds strong intention to hang as an artistic calligraphic blessing and amulet in an interior  

In General:

This symbol marks a wave movement. It draws the way in which we feel emotions. Whether it is happiness, sadness, nostalgic trigger, regret, bliss, thankfulness, embarrassment, confusion, pride, belonging, longing, excitement, aspiration, alienation, rejection etc.

It is not about what we feel, it is about the ability and willingness to feel. It is the courage to be vulnerable. It is a possibility for being fully alive.    

For Who & For What?

This amulet sustains personal challenges and personal growth. It invites you to deal with challenging situations by connecting with your emotional channel, despite of sorrow & grief that may arise. It reminds you that all feelings are blessed, welcomed and important for our healing and growing process.

This amulet can also perform as the emotions keeper that guards beautiful feelings you sense and that are precious for you to sustain. It can be a festive symbol celebrating and highlighting your emotions.

The Shape:

The symbol is made, like all Hebrew Kanjis, from fluent lines that enfolds the handwritten Hebrew letters of the word and at the same count reveals a contextual, meaningful graphic form. This graphic form creates a dynamic wave shape that represents the quality and inner movement of our emotions. Like the waves, our emotions rises and wash our sensors, than withdraws until the next wave rises again. It is a shape that contains a cyclic pattern that renews itself.

The hidden letters are: ר – ג - ש 


Black & White Hebrew kanji original word & typography art.

Limited second silk print edition (15 each)  / numbered & hand signed by Mishka

Print size : 10cm/10cm.  Paper size : 20cm/20cm.

The black/white collection is a high quality silk print limited edition, laid on a natural cotton  paper. All prints are signed by Mishka and numbered. 

The print may be provided with exclusive/original African walnut veneer or with a white cardboard passe-partout- ready and recommended to frame.

Perfect for collectors or as a special present which enfolds strong intention and frequency.

An original art piece to be hanged as an artistic-energetic blessing and mascot in any interior.