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"GATE" blessing print- Original Typographic Hebrew Symbol. Mascot, Wall Decor. Visual Mantra.


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Blessing Word -" GATE " - “ SH-A-R ”

Original typographic art print , Home Wall Decor Mascot

Perfect as a present for special life events  such as weddings, birthdays, new years, new beginnings, holidays ext. which enfolds strong intention to hang as an artistic calligraphic blessing and amulet in an interior  

In General:

This symbol is a special landmark of one’s transformation.

It is neutral in the sense that it holds no past nostalgic memory and no future

anticipation. It is purely and simply a will and the willingness of change.

For Who & For What?

This amulet sustains changes and transitions. It invites you to step in and cross to the other side. It spreads belief in the being regardless of the way.

The Shape:

The symbol is made, like all Hebrew Kanjis, from fluent lines that enfolds the handwritten Hebrew letters of the word and at the same count reveals a contextual, meaningful graphic form. This graphic form creates a dynamic infinity “8” shape and a cyclic movement that represents the ongoing constant change of life.

The hidden letters are: ש  -  ע  -  ר 


Black & White Hebrew kanji word art edition / Total Print size, including passe-partout: 20cm/20cm

Limited edition, numbered and hand signed silk prints arrives with an African walnut

veneer or white cardboard passe-partout.