VISUAL MANTRAS | Original Symbolic & Spiritual Art Forms | By MISHKA

״DesertFly" Blessing Totem Print. BUTTERFLY IBEXES. Animal Art, Visual Shield & Mascot. Home Decor


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Totem Animals: 2 capras / butterfly

Elements: bedding earth / clouds

Nouns: implementation / ritual

Kanji Word: Gate

Perfect as a present for special people and life events  such as weddings, birthdays, new years, new beginnings, holidays ext. 

An original art piece which enfolds spiritual intention , blessing , visual mascot for wall decor and home decor.

Black/Yellow Totem art edition

Print size including passe-partout: 30cm/30cm.

The black/yellow collection is high quality printed with two color nets of black and yellow. The print variants may include exclusive african walnut veneer passe-partout, ready to hang or frame.